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Welcome to Juhani Silvola's Speculative Phonography Blog

Hello! Through this blog I will share and write about music I absolutely love, talk about books that have been important to me, and write more generally about music, art, literature and culture. Basically, I've been a huge geek my whole life (I'm 40 years old now), collecting and curating an extremely wide variety of interesting music and books, and I thought that I should finally actively share this stuff.

In this blog you might find everything from the most hardcore contemporary music, free jazz, gangsta rap, techno & extreme metal, to various traditional musics from around the world, romantic lieds, synth pop, bossa nova, country etc, and everything in between. Chaya Czernowin, Mobb Deep, Oliver Lake, Ryoji Ikeda & Brutal Truth will rub shoulders with Ola Bäckström, Rokia Traoré, Robert Schumann, Alphaville, Elis Regina and Loretta Lynn. Add to this a sprinkling of contemporary art theory, history, philosophy, science, poetry etc, and it might become an interesting cocktail.

Hope you enjoy!

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