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"Scandinavia has sired another stunning modern guitarist in Silvola"


Juhani Silvola:

Wolf Hour Roundelay​

(Shhpuma 2022)

Solo prepared acoustic guitar and electronics, recorded live, no overdubs.


The hypnotic rhythms, idiosyncratic melodies and deep textures of this otherworldly music - that could have escaped from the writings of Jorge Luis Borges - echo with traces of John Cage's prepared piano, Balinese gamelan, Harry Partch, West-African musics and Sciarrino.

20th place in Best albums of 2019 at

Post-Biological Wildlife front.jpg

Juhani Silvola: 

Post-Biological Wildlife

(Eighth Nerve 2019)

Electroacoustic/Acousmatic contemporary music. Percolating rhythms, harsh noise, 3D soundscapes, virtual reality, mediated nature, faked field-recordings, Frankenstein-orchestras built from one violin, narrative structures, modernism.

“an absolutely gorgeous album... Sublime work!” (Vital Weekly)


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widdershins album cover RGB Square 2206.jpg

Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola:


(Eighth Nerve 2016)

“Dazzling album” 5/5* (Tim Chipping/fRoots)


Fiddle & Acoustic guitar, live, no overdubs.

Scottish & Scandinavian traditional music and our own compositions. More experimental and rocking than our first album.




(album covers link to Bandcamp)

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The Smoky Smirr o Rain front cover.jpg

Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola:

The Smoky Smirr o Rain

(Eighth Nerve 2021)

“They have created and perfected a musical language all their own, embracing their backgrounds from folk, electroacoustic music, jazz, pop, early music as performers, contemporary composers and producers. Summers is a fiddle player with fierce determination, vision and the most seductive of sounds, while Silvola’s guitars never fail to weep with beauty and whose piano reveals a hidden magic. They are capable of the most heartbreaking of laments from the jaws of anguish and the deepest musical laughter and joy. The Smoky Smirr o Rain is beyond exquisite.” (Songlines/Fiona Talkington)

“Superbly played, wonderfully produced” (BBC3 Late Junction)

Imaginary Archives album cover

Juhani Silvola: Imaginary Archives Vol. 1: Ritual Music From Nameless Civilizations

(Eighth Nerve 2019)

Solo prepared acoustic guitars, recorded live, no overdubs. Speculative musical archeology/deep dive into a imaginary musical archive containing ritual music from nameless civilisations.


Acoustic drones, microtonal dance-music, percussive noises, repetitive minimalism, unearthed melodies.


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Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola cover.jpeg

Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola

(Eighth Nerve 2013)

“magnificent...absolute masters of their instruments" (5/5, Songlines)


Fiddle & Acoustic guitar, live, no overdubs.

Scottish & Scandinavian traditional music and our own compositions. Our most traditional album, but still with highly personal and experimental touch.



14th place in Best albums of 2021 at

8NERVE009 digital front RBG.jpg

Electroacoustic/Acousmatic contemporary music, three commissions by Nordic Music Days 2019, Electric Audio Unit & NyMusikks Komponistgruppe.


"The soundworlds that Juhani Silvola creates are often superbly liminal, providing hints and allusions to the tangible but from a place of uncanny verisimilitude. Silvola establishes a palpable sense of potential power, but always handled with extreme care, making sudden plunges into overload all the more exhilarating and overwhelming" (

Juhani Silvola: The Slow Smokeless

Burning Of Decay

(Eighth Nerve 2021)

“Eight great pieces of music...highly recommended “ (Merchants of Air)


Juhani Silvola: 

Strange Flowers

(Periskop 2016)

A darkly cinematic mix of desert blues, doom, krautrock, minimalistic electronica, noisy drone, ambient, contemporary music and various traditional musics. Modern studio production.

Juhani Silvola: Guitars, Synths etc etc

Timo Silvola: Drums & Percussion

Sarah-Jane Summers: Fiddle & Viola


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