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The amazing music of Chaya Czernowin!

My first proper post is just a recommendation, or an imploration, to check out the incredible music of Chaya Czernowin. At least here in Norway, I haven't come across her music, or even her name, very often. It was through researching other music that I randomly came across her name, and decided to have a listen, not knowing anything else except she had studied with Ferneyhough at some point. I first listened to the Shifting Gravity (Wergo) album, and was completely blown away! Her music went straight to my heart, I hadn't heard anything with this much substance in a long long time. I've since listened a lot to various albums of her music, and so far everything I've heard is excellent. I love the feeling of discovering new music without any preconceptions, and being bowled over by the sound! I will definitely write in more detail about her music in the future. In the meantime, check out Shifting Gravity wherever you listen to music. This Q&A video from HCMF 2021, is also a good place to learn more about her work. Thanks!

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