Strange Flowers is the first solo album by Juhani Silvola. He plays guitars, synths, drum machines and electronics, and is joined by Sarah-Jane Summers on fiddle/viola and by Timo Silvola on drums/percussion. The music is a result of Juhani's wide-ranging influences, which include amongst others doom, desert blues, drone music, electroacoustic music, noise-rock, contemporary music, minimal techno and traditional music from around the world.


"Elektrosymfonisk" (iTromsø, Terningkast 5)


"et lydbilde som jeg aldri har opplevd tidligere" (Tor Hammerø)


"utsøkte melodier, seige droner og tunge rockerytmer" (Platespilleren)


"Juhani Silvola har med Strange Flowers skapt et album som føles herlig unorsk. Albumet har i stedet blitt et dokument på verdensmusikken sett gjennom rockens briller." (panorama, terningkast 5)


"Velprodusert, velskrevet og ikke minst meget velspilt album" (Ruzt)

"It's all here, pressed in eight great pieces of music" (Merchants of Air)


"one can't help but be impressed by the ground Silvola and company cover in the eight pieces" (Textura)


"Mesmerizing album of instrumental avant-garde" (


"Really exceptional!" (Clair & Obscur)